Network Infrastructure

Design and Integration

Achieving an effective, reliable and sharing network is highly dependent on your skill to plan and meet the challenges of an ever changing market and customer base. Nazca Tech can help you understand cost savings and efficiency through network, transportation and distribution center analysis and design that helps you keep your business running at great performance.

Nazca Tech covers most features of small and medium sized networks and we also offer consultation to organizations in need of help when it comes to designing, maintaining, upgrading or even auditing computer network and Information systems.

We work with you to collect the right data and build up a clear understanding of your business necessities. Our group of experienced and professional IT personnel analyzes and designs solutions that reduce the cost of getting product from the source to the customer, while meeting or exceeding the level of customer service you want. We'll help create a notion of Operations that best meets your needs and will help recognize ideal space requirements, layout, labor and systems needs. We work to improve business processes and operations through site analysis, site selection, modeling and network optimization.

We focus on the following areas:

Computer & Network Security

Infrastructure - Data Storage

Internet Solutions

Network Administration

Service Level Agreements

Data Protection

Remote Access / Off Site

Patch Level Maintenance

Network Utilization

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